The foundation was founded to create a community of business leaders for a global and systematic solution to the problems of small and medium-sized businesses. It is an association of enterprising entrepreneurs and activists who are working together to achieve change and development of the business sector in Ukraine.


The Foundation for Innovation Leadership aims to create a community of business leaders who are competent in small and medium business and seek to create favorable conditions for investment climate development in Ukraine. Community members contribute to the development of innovative activities, the introduction of innovative trends in the country, employment, creation of conditions for the development of business entities, infrastructure improvement and financial support of enterprises.

With the support of European and American countries, the Foundation aims to transform the culture of entrepreneurship and the development of the Ukrainian economy.


Думка першочергова у всьому. Саме тому ми підтримуємо високі етичні стандарти, кожне наше рішення, прийняте в процесі роботи, засноване на принципах чесності та відкритості. Наша ціль – формування стратегічного бачення системного розвитку малого та середнього бізнесу. Сучасну економіку ми зможемо відновити шляхом новаторства, розбудови МСБ та переймання найкращого досвіду наших іноземних партнерів.


We create a qualitatively new business environment based on the principles of mutual respect, support and innovation. Social responsibility should become a priority for strong business development. Startup support is an important vector for our company. Professionalism in our understanding is not only a perfect knowledge of all the intricacies of your favorite work, but also a continuous desire to move forward, new knowledge, skills and achievements.


Creative energy, like air, is invisible, but it’s everywhere. The formula of success always includes an important element of “creativity”. In the modern world, for true success in business, it’s not just good to get a job. You need to have creative intuition, which allows you to create somewhat unusual and innovative. The creative approach to solving business problems is a tried and tested tool for successful companies.


The main thing is the ability to inspire and show the right example, constantly desire to move only forward, be more perfect and effective. Leadership is the inner life guidance of each of us! Leadership of administration and leadership of each participant are equivalent and interlinked on the way to achieve Success. Success depends on how quickly a person develops and acquires new knowledge. And this is best when you learn others.
Our mission is not to miss the time for full change when we have all the possibilities for it.
We should not try to repair the old business environment, but to create a new quality based on the principles of mutual respect, support and innovation. We want to become an example of building a systemically new Ukraine, which a generation of entrepreneurs dreamed about.

Об’єднання ініціативних підприємців та активістів, що спільними зусиллями прагнуть досягти змін та розвитку бізнес-сфери в Україні.

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